Maia Sandu Becomes Moldovas First-Ever Woman President

Door Hedwig Passier |

These include significant wage disparities, segregation into lower-paying occupations, unequal sharing of work and family responsibilities and limited access to childcare. Women entrepreneurs face barriers getting access to bank loans and to state-funded business and entrepreneurship development programmes.

  • During pre-service training, staff will provide training on how to adapt personal choices and behavior to be respectful of the host country culture, and will be available for ongoing support.
  • Since discussions on unification with Romania have disappeared from the public agenda, the question of how to form a multi-ethnic nation-state is growing in importance.
  • Patriarchal norms and stereotypes are deeply entrenched in Moldovan society, especially around family roles and responsibilities.
  • Bearing these findings in mind, adequate programs to improve health literacy in the general population – with a view to promoting healthy lifestyles – would be useful but need not target Moldovan migrants specifically .
  • Bulat and her children weren’t left alone for too long when a woman approached her to help.

We left the working place at five o’clock, for which the boss told us we were to lose our jobs,” said one woman said to local TV. And while the precise details of gendered poverty in Moldova are unknown, the 2015Global Gender Gap report says that, on average, a woman in Moldova earns 74% of a man’s salary.

Moldovan law contains provisions related to gender equality and family and labor. However, the lack of flexible work arrangements and the declining availability of affordable childcare exacerbate structural and social constraints on women’s economic participation. This, coupled with the social impacts of the homemaker stereotype, has resulted in some women being unable to effectively participate in the workforce or pursue entrepreneurship in the way they desire.


In the central and southern zones, wine making and tobacco growing are widespread. The temperate continental climate in the center of the country, with long warm summers, relatively mild winters, and high rainfall, is favorable for agriculture. The main rivers are the Dniestr in the east and the Prut in the west. Both originate in the Carpathians; whereas the Dniestr flows directly into the Black Sea, the Prut joins the Danube at the southern tip of the country. With that said, I take volleyball just as serious as I do my academics.

From the traditional workforce to entrepreneurship to running for office, Moldovan women shared how they were not expected to have a successful trajectory in their planned pursuits due to various gender-related social or economic barriers. First, Moldavan migrants in Italy have a good health literacy level overall ; and individuals’ health literacy was confirmed as a determinant of their attitude to smoking and to the use of some health care services . Bearing these findings in mind, adequate programs to improve health literacy in the general population – with a view to promoting healthy lifestyles – would be useful but need not target Moldovan migrants specifically . As for the overall health status of our sample, there was a noticeably higher prevalence of several diseases compared with the Italian reference values.

Non-Moldovan inhabitants joke that Moldovans would be unhappy if they could not eat mamaliga once a week. The main foods in daily life are a mixture of vegetables and meat , but the availability of vegetables depends on the season. Filled cabbage and grape leaves as well as soups such as zama and the Russian borsch also form part of daily meals. Plăcintă is a pastry filled mainly with cheese, potatoes, or cabbage that often is sold on the streets.

Table4 shows the figures for the prevalence of various diseases in the sample of 20- to 74-year-old Italian women living in the north-east of the country. When compared with the self-reported prevalence of diseases in the sample of Moldavan women , there emerged a higher prevalence of all the diseases considered in the Moldovan women.

Political Life

The conditions he was forced to work in were such that after suffering a spine fracture he did not receive the necessary medical care. As a consequence, Andrei became unable to walk or take care of himself.

Corrupt police and border guards may try to extort bribe money but ‘normal’ crime rates are low. Locals are generally very friendly and will go to great lengths to provide hospitality to foreigners. You can expect a lengthy, and inevitably boozy, meal to be offered to you just in your honour. Many smaller towns will have a Soviet relic hotel complete with service with a frown. In many places it’s possible to pay about €10 to stay in a local’s house. This is an informal arrangement and can only be organized by talking to people upon arrival but it is well worth considering if you want to get out into the countryside.

An essential feature of counter-trafficking is raising awareness, including awareness of the changing methods of traffickers. The Government of Moldova is steadily increasing its ownership over the fight against trafficking, including financing of the running of the Centre and partially assisting financially the repatriation missions. However, in order to ensure quality services and effective assistance to identified victims, the Centre still requires constant support from donors and the coverage of repatriation expenses.

Since 1994, ABA ROLI has worked with government, justice and security sectors, civil society organizations, and communities in almost all regions of Moldova. Additionally, ABA ROLI has cultivated strong relationships with the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General Office, and the legal aid community. While Sandu has already written history pages by being the first female President of Moldova, she could also do so by rapproaching her country to the European Union. “Yes, I’ve been promoting EU integration, Moldova’s EU integration. And this is what I’m going to do as president,” Sandu told Euronews after her victory.