Literature, history and social science students are sure to find this course engaging.

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Learning is self-paced . Learn the methods of excavation Take classes in culture and language take a trip that bring the images of historical landmarks to life. With a an average of 3-6 hours of work each week, you’ll complete the course in just 6 weeks. Where to go. 5. Don’t think about field trips from elementary school and prepare to take a step back into the past.

Japanese Culture through Rare Books. A visit to in the Coliseum in Rome can make you forget the traffic whizzing by just outside. This is among the online courses in history that are free that are offered on edX through Keio University. Costumed guides on The Tower of London take you back to the middle of the 16th century, when Henry VIII was King.

This course examines the significance book titles play in Japanese historical culture, reveals the rich and varied history of Japanese literature, discover the different styles of binding books and the ways they have influenced Japanese literature. Henry VIII changed the course of history through religion. The course also examines ancient Japanese manuscripts as well as illustrated books in high-quality video and images.

At Belize, Garifuna musicians and dancers share their stories of resisting colonialism with music. The course comprises three parts that require 3 hours to complete . Germany. It also includes an average of three hours.

Germany has witnessed several of the biggest and significant historical events of the past century and provides a variety of amazing possibilities for learning about them. Self-paced learning is also available. To provide short-term experience abroad walking tours in cities and museums are fantastic ways to get a glimpse of the entire Germany past and the latest wars around the globe. 6. After you’ve learned the facts from museums, explore the art museums for a unique experience of a nation that was deeply touched by the war. The most important Works in addition to Authors of World Literature. When you stay for longer periods, ensure that you talk to locals in order to learn more about their lives. This is among the history courses online for free that are offered through NPTEL through Alison which explores the idea of womanism as an idea of had social theory that is based upon the experiences and history for women who are of colour, specifically black women.

Because this is recent, a lot of German people will share firsthand knowledge. It also examines what it means to be powerful in Kafka’s critiques of the protagonists in the play, and their relation to the power of their own. China. Literature, history and social science students are sure to find this course engaging. There are a lot of places that have rich histories and over 500 years of tales in China it is impossible to do wrong by studying the history of any city. It’s online and no cost, and allows you to learn at your own speed. Explore the concept that underlies China’s cultural and military conflicts, its religious and political culture.

7. Italy. It is the History of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. Study the history of among the world’s most sought-after countries on the planet in terms of international travel and education. Great Britain experienced an industrial revolution during the 18th century.

Popular topics include the story of Gladiators, Catholicism along with The Roman Empire. It is one of the first industrial revolutions. England. It is therefore important to be researched.

If you’re a fan of Roman captures, Viking invasions, plagues and beheadings as well as castles in general, then England might be the perfect destination for you. Take this course today and return to look at the different factors that brought about conditions that allowed for advancements in the fields of science and industry. England is also a fantastic area to study the history of recent times particularly for those who want to use your diploma to make a profession in politics. You will be taught about the revolutionary nature of the industries of textiles and coal mining, as well as manufacturing, and engineering.

The British Museum does a fantastic job of walking visitors through some of the most significant historical moments. It is a self-paced course however all the material in the course takes around 3 hours to finish. The British Library displays a wide variety of historical documents that are significant that range from Beethoven’s sheet music to the lyrics that were jotted on the notebooks of The Beatles. 8. If you’re not sure about these options, check out this list of the top 9 cities to go to for a history course abroad. The Ancient Greeks. You’re Organizing Your Trip. Course, The Ancient Greeks, is one of the no-cost online history classes that are offered by Coursera from Wesleyan University.

Housing. The topic of history cannot be discussed without talking about those who were Egyptians, Greeks, Romans as well as Japanese. Many year-long or semester-long courses allow students to choose between staying on the campus or in an host family.