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For example, the same app may operate differently on Android and iOS devices. Even on the same OS, the app features available to the user may be limited depending on their device model. Since they’re built to operate differently, native, web, and hybrid apps use different technologies. Just as their name implies, hybrid apps look and feel like native apps but are actually web apps.

Calculating the app development cost is a complex job as there are a number of factors are contributing to the app development cost. Evaluating all such parameters, it comes to the average cost ranging between USD 20,000 to USD 25,000+ for each native app development. These are the few parameters that help you quickly narrow down the best options for creating an app. However, hiring an app developer is much more than evaluating these parameters. Since the success of the app is majorly dependent on its user interface and design, therefore, it is important to consider the portfolio of the app developer. This will help you understand their approach to developing the app and how much traffic that app is handling.

how to hire a mobile app developer

The responses to some interview questions for hiring a mobile application developer will help to narrow down the pool of candidates. An essential point is to remember that you don’t only want to employ a talented app developer, but also one who is familiar with the specific technology for your project. Latin America is also included in the list of areas that you can outsource to the finest app development team. Latin America’s IT sector is growing, and the area is a fantastic outsourcing choice.


Apart from it, you will get to know which type of app you should have, points to hire an app developer, mobile development frameworks, and the development process in the blog. Utilizing different technologies, they will help you develop on different platforms. Getting the idea of generating a mobile app for your business is just the beginning. One needs to hire mobile app developer to get a suitable business app. By understanding your expectations in terms of growth, market type, and better prospects, a mobile developer can guide you in the right direction.

how to hire a mobile app developer

Because it is quite easy to obtain phony evaluations, testimonials must be reviewed with the other points on this list. In-house teams are a typical practice among businesses that seek to maintain excellent control and improve employee engagement. There are no language hurdles or time zone differences how to hire a mobile app developer while working with the team under the same roof. However, keep in mind that this method incurs additional costs. Web apps are different as soon as they’re actually websites, which are similar in function to apps but are powered by web components and written in the web programming languages.

Their skills and expertise have been solicited by nearly all companies, regardless of the industry. At the same time, the number of mobile app developers has been rising every year. However, the expansion in the pool of competent mobile app developers has not been commensurate with the rise in demand. Hence, the compensations of mobile app developers have been going up by the year. This is the primary reason you might have to revisit your budget multiple times during the hiring process.

The third case-scenario is working with a development team or agency. Ideally, the agency already has all the required hands and would simply include design as a separate feature on your invoice. Hiring a developer-designer may prove to be cost-effective most times, but there’s always a possible quality risk. In either case, you still have to pay for the app design separately.

Hybrid Mobile Application Developers

The average development time for a typical commercial app with MVP functionality is up to 500 hours. If it is expensive to develop a digital product in your country – look for performers in offshoring or nearshoring. Usually, their services are cheaper, but the quality of the IT solution is up to expectations. This cooperation model implies that the contractor can be in any country in the world. This is the best development option, because only in offshoring can you find competitive offers, cool specialists, and relatively low cost of work.

how to hire a mobile app developer

Moreover, the development frameworks play a crucial role in building a robust app on time. If you know them, you can put forth your point of view about frameworks when you hire the company. Hybrid applications include both web apps and native features. Hybrid developers are also known as cross-platform developers since their products are available on several platforms.

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The cost is relatively low, but the quality of IT solutions from Eastern European experts is very high. People like to buy the products or take services from a reliable and strong brand. It creates a unique image of your business in front of the people. So, hire a dedicated mobile app developer for your business idea.

It’s most likely due to the country’s history of outsourcing, as well as the rise of high-tech startups like GitLabs, Grammarly, and Ajax Systems. Mobile app developers create their applications using computer software. This demands extensive computer knowledge and hands-on expertise with software development tools. Specialists also produce software or other applications, which allows them to broaden their technical skills and improve their computer skills.

First, 9+ years of experience, Second, worked on 1000+ projects, Third, a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client, Fourth, a Dedicated team of developers. Have clear ideas-Hiring a mobile app developer and giving him the task will create a hindrance. You need to present your business ideas and needs in front of the developer clearly. This will make the app developer respond and work according to your requirements.

  • Apart from expertise and cost, you’ll also have to consider communication, payment methods, and even cultural differences.
  • This method is successful for an entry-level job, but it requires the most time and money.
  • It gets ten times more intense as you start doing actual things.
  • You also can’t expect a quality app to get built in a month.
  • Attending events that are related to mobile app development could provide the opportunity to meet a mobile app developer with possibilities of further cooperation.
  • There are a few sections that are mandatory to include in the job description.

Here are some of the pros and cons of outsourcing to a development agency. Finding the right mobile app developer for your project may be a little tricky at times. However, if you look in the right place, you can easily save yourself a lot of time and resources. Alternatively, a freelance app developer can work quickly and cheaply, but quality becomes a serious concern here. The downside of working with them is that you will have a weak communication and most likely the project management too.

How to hire a mobile app developer?

According to Statista, gross consumer mobile app expenditure reached 170 billion USD in 2021, up from 143 billion USD in 2020. Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company. He helps passionate entrepreneurs build amazing tech products. Tuhin being a peoples man who has a passion to share his technical expertise with clients and other enthusiasts.

how to hire a mobile app developer

We thoroughly analyze the request of each business to offer the most suitable team model and composition. It allows us to tailor the services to every customer and achieve the best result. An app-making process is divided into some phases before development begins. So, as one phase gets complete, QA tests it and informs the developer to improve the issues.


Choosing a mobile software development company, pay attention to their tech stack, cooperation models, case studies, and reviews. This article explains how to hire a professional mobile app developer and where to find them. These are some general questions that must come to your mind when you hire an app maker because it ensures impeccable app development. Mobile app downloads are continuously increasing since 2016. In other words, a 45% increase has been noticed in the app downloads from 2016. It is directly increasing the need for the best mobile app development firm.

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The hourly cost of the app developer can be low due to the extensive market competition and can be high due to the expensive living standards of that particular region. So make sure you go in-depth into the portfolio and check the skills and knowledge of the app developers while making a final decision. When you look for android developers for hire, also, ask about the app development process to the company. If you want to know how to hire our mobile app development company, read below.

Modern agencies are completely transparent in their work, as modern management tools enable them to document every hour and task completed on the project. In general, working with a freelancer is often an unpredictable venture. It is often difficult to secure reliable post-launch support and maintenance with a freelancer. Even after careful interview and selection, you may not be able to predict the quality of the final product. The functionalities you want to include also affect the budget and project duration significantly.

You can also reach out to their old clients directly if you know what apps they’ve built in the past. If your developer doesn’t have any testimonials or reviews on their website, ask them to provide you with some references. It’s also going to cost you money to test and deployyour app.

Search engine- This is the ultimate way of searching the right place by using the right keywords. This will redirect you to the best mobile app developers and companies. Freelance websites- You will find the profile of many mobile app developers at freelancer websites. It is the only area where almost every business owner gets confused.

As you post the job ad on Upwork to hire app developer, for example, you’ll get dozens of offers right that day. One option is to learn what and how NOT to do when looking for app developers. Luckily, there’s no shortage of app developers for hire around the globe.