10 Myths About Addiction and Recovery

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Relapse doesn’t always mean having to start all over from the beginning. In their heart of hearts, they wish this would all be over. Many times, someone with addiction would like to stop using but don’t know how.

  • We also have services available to help loved ones understand the disease and find their own path to healing.
  • Talk to your counselor or sponsor, refocus andgive recovery another chance.
  • During treatment, you will work with experienced behavioral health professionals to explore why you became addicted in the first place.
  • There are several misconceptions and myths about addiction, leading to individuals being stigmatized or alienated from society.

You’ll learn healthy coping skills and develop connections with peers in recovery who know what you’re going through. “All addicts are criminals.” Many substances are illegal which has led society to assume that those who use them are deviants. While there is certainly some correlation between criminality and drug dependence, many individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol are otherwise law abiding. Often, when those struggling with addiction are no longer able to financially support their habit with money from friends and family or their employer, they turn to crime. Addiction regularly controls all aspects of an individual’s life and alters the chemistry and functionality of the brain.

Myth #7: Rehab is only for rich people.

This is a surprising bit of information, and a myth to most people – drug users, including hard drug users, are not automatically addicted to their drugs. We can’t tell for sure what factors are at play in every single case, only that there is research to back up the involvement of each of the above factors and that every case is different and unique. And that’s what makes addiction tough to talk about – its cause can’t be generalized, simplified, or blamed on a single issue or problem. It’s a complex system of related issues, medical and societal. Because of that, it affects people from all walks of life in all income classes and for various reasons. Addicts/alcoholics come in many forms — even if the individual has not hit the stereotypical ‘rock bottom,’ he or she can still benefit from drug and alcohol treatment. The ultimate goal of recovery is to prevent the all-time low from taking place.

myths about addiction and recovery

When used under a doctor’s supervision, prescription drugs can be effective for treating pain or other conditions. However, these drugs can be dangerous when abused, especially by teens myths about addiction and recovery and young adults. According to a report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, among young adults aged 18–25,14% used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasonswithin the past year.

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That’s why we made the Recovery Playbook, which you can download with no strings attached. At Serenity Grove, we firmly believe that everyone can make https://ecosoberhouse.com/ a full recovery, regardless of their class, ethnicity, gender and medical history. Be kind and take care of both yourself and the people around you.

myths about addiction and recovery

It wasn’t until recently that the medical and scientific communities became aware of how the brain impacts behavior, emotions, and addiction. In fact, the knowledge that addiction originates in complex brain and biological processes is a new development. Also, myths surrounding specific drugs and how they affect people can make it more likely for someone to try the drug. For example, thinking that smoking marijuana is safer than smoking tobacco.

Myth: “People with addiction are all criminals.”

All of our of programs are working closely with the Health Department and CDC guidelines to ensure we continue to provide safe and effective treatment for our clients. You will also encounter medical staff and counselors who are experienced in guiding patients through treatment and are committed to encouraging you through every step of the process. Addiction is a disease, we have addiction medicine that saves lives. The Association for Addiction Professionals represents the professional interests of more than 100,000 addiction-focused health care professionals in the United States, Canada and abroad. The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers is a nonprofit professional society designed to offer support to organizations across the continuum of care.

  • Also, myths surrounding specific drugs and how they affect people can make it more likely for someone to try the drug.
  • Furthermore, while it’s true that many addicts are poor, the fastest-growing demographic for substance abuse lies in those who economically qualify as upper class.
  • Thanks to a mixture of societal stigma and media, we tend to have a very one-sided, simplistic view of addicts and their behavior – and that only serves to worsen the issue for us as a society.
  • Although addiction cannot be cured like many chronic illnesses, it can be successfully managed and treated with ongoing assistance from doctors and therapists.

People who struggle with addiction have died while their families sat and patiently waited for them to hit their “bottom”. When someone uses a substance for the first time, the brain is confused. The brain ranks the drug at 500% on the happiness scale. From the first use, the brain is experiencing massive changes. For most people, their ideal vacation day ranks at 100% on the happiness meter. We strive to provide resources for alumni of our programs, because we know how difficult it can be to use resiliency when you need it most.

Get clinician-run holistic wellness for addiction recovery at Red Oak.

It is a signal to get back on track, either by going back to treatment or adjusting the treatment approach. Addicts typically already feel ashamed, especially if they’re in recovery. Shame is one of the powerful emotional drivers behind the continued cycle of addiction, driving addicts to seek the solace of their habit or substance. Just because you do need those pain meds for your leg, doesn’t mean that abusing them isn’t a form of drug addiction. Medication doesn’t just count as a valid form of addiction when it’s gotten in illegal quantities through a stolen prescription pad or the improper channels.

  • Some of our members have been in recovery before; some many times before.
  • High-functioning addicts like this are masters at covering their tracks so that their addiction goes unnoticed.
  • It isn’t until some time has passed in addiction treatment that the individual sees the promise of recovery.
  • Substance abuse is a serious concern not only for the person in question and his or her family and friends, but for the society as a whole.
  • Roughly 54% of people who have an addiction will struggle to become substance-free because of genetics.
  • Addiction research shows that it has nothing to do with not having willpower or not being strong enough.